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Hi! I am...well, if you know me in real life you already know my name. If not, just call me whatever you want. Go ahead. I've probably had weirder nicknames.

I am (in no particular order): an unabashed fangirl, a gamer, a lover of anime, a science nerd, a sci-fi geek, addicted to fanfiction of all kinds, a dreamer, a baker, a girl scout, a colorful dresser, wacky, a dancer, and maybe a little crazy sometimes. Among other things. I'm also almost perpetually wearing slash goggles for most of my fandoms.

I come from the middle-of-bumfuck-nowhere, Illinois. You know, the not-Chicago part. I was, until quite recently, going to a smallish college in MN for biology. Now I will shortly have to face that silly thing called the Real World. I am not looking forward to it.

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You know what never gets old? Watching old 60s Batman clips on the riddles from The Riddler. Gosh, it’s just so ridiculous and hilarious!

These riddles are so ridiculous. I love how they always make perfect sense to Robin (and occasionally Batman), but no one else. Clearly they make sense to Robin because he and the Riddler are long lost brothers. Or something. Also, how many drugs were these people on when making this show?

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inspired by [x]

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fbi agent & con man. • peter & neal. [white collar] ☯

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Jeremy Renner-Trouble/Pink



Clint and Bobbi’s ‘weekend away’…

Actually make that Karla. That is WAY more Karla Sofen than Bobbi Morse.

I’m just…  Gonna be over here…  Trying to figure out what undercover op this is.

Clearly, Clint had to go deep undercover for this operation. And then decided he liked the cowboy hat and whip so much that he’d keep them. For special occasions.I really hope that this undercover mission also involved him playing guitar or banjo or something with a local country-western band at that bar.

(Also, I love that the top comment for that video is now people asking if this was what happened in Budapest. Despite the fact that this looks nothing like Budapest, this comment makes me very happy.)

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“You want me to kick Collins’ ass?”

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Guess this makes you 3 and 0.

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The new season of White Collar started airing yesterday

And it was awesome. With heartbreaking and heartwarming and funny and beautiful moments. As always. I lovelovelove these characters so much. So, guess what I’m going to be reblogging the hell out of today?

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Happy Birthday Steve. 

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Ficlet: In Which Steve Rogers Has a Sweet Tooth


“Happy Birthday!”

Steve glanced up from his book, blinking at the box that Darcy Lewis had plopped onto the table in front of him. “Thank you,” he said. “But my birthday isn’t until July.”

“It’s a turn of phrase, Red, White and True,” Darcy said, slumping into a chair at the kitchen table. “Clint, babycakes, how’s life and loves?”

Clint gave her a grin. “Been catching up with the SHIELD gossip. I hear some pathetic fool gave you a keycard.”

“And a paycheck!” She grinned. “And I spent a little of it on this.” She patted the box. “Open it, Steve. Really. It’s just a ‘thanks for the platonic date’ gift. It’s sized for sharing.”

“Presents?” Tony asked from the kitchen doorway. He was holding an empty coffee cup, a pair of welding goggles shoved back into his unkept hair. “What’d you order, and how did you pay for it?”

“Credit card fraud,” she shot back. “Pepper let me copy down your AmEx number.”

“She probably would.” Tony crossed to the table. “She’s kidding, Steve,” he said to the worried looking blonde.

“I’m kidding, Steve. Totally legit.” Darcy folded her arms on the tabletop and grinned up at him. “C’mon, open it, or I”m giving it to Clint. He has no shame.”

“It is true, I do not,” Clint said, going back to the newspaper. He kept a careful eye on the proceedings, because yeah, a happy Darcy was a tricky Darcy.

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